About Us

Sanchita’s Kitchen is a store house of traditional recipe’s with a little twist keeping the youngsters’ eclectic taste and also nutritional value in mind.We will share with you delicious and yummy recipes for your friends, family and kids. Special care will be taken to share kids recipes from school tiffin to snacks. We share easy and quick recipes which you can cook for your family for  breakfast , lunch and dinner. Health is wealth and we at Sanchita’s Kitchen believe that we should eat healthy to stay fit. So we will share with you the best of the food recipes which will keep you healthy. Different fish recipes, chicken recipes, egg recipes, one pot meals, veg recipes, non-veg recipes , sweet dish and  special festive recipes will be liked by your taste buds.

We will also share the best of the street foods, restaurant dishes and their recipes. We will cover food festivals, to share with you the different dishes which are showcased in these food fest’s.

Women’s Day Special | Goals and Passion in Life | Journey of Sanchita’s Kitchen

Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do in life . Follow your goals and passion in life, as you are the largest reservoir of talent in the world. Be confident and believe in yourself! Learn to love yourself.