Stuffed Mango Kulfi | Malai Kulfi Stuffed Mango | Fruit Kulfi Recipe

Delhi Famous Stuffed Mango Kulfi | Enjoy the Goodness of Kulfi inside a Real Juicy Mango Together – An Unique Recipe | Step By Step Stuffed Mango Kulfi Recipe | How to Make Stuffed Mango Kulfi – Indian Ice Cream Dessert Recipe Video | How To Make The Trending Mango Malai Kulfi – ” Aam Ki Malai Kulfi ” | How to make ice cream at home

Recipe Details and Method of cooking :

Preparation time -20 minutes

Cooking time -20 minutes

Refrigerate for 6-7 hrs

Serves – 4


Ripe Mango- 2

Milk -500 ltr

Milk Powder -2 tblspn

Milk Maid / Condensed Milk -2 tblspn

Sugar – 4 tblspn

Crushed Green Cardamom -3

Saffron – few threads

Method Of Cooking

Step -1

Wash the mangoes. Take out the seeds very carefully keeping the pulp intact inside. After de- seeding the mangoes place them in two glasses.

Step -2

Boil the milk and reduce it to half the amount. One by one add the milk powder, Condensed Milk/ Milk Maid and the sugar.

Step -3

Add the crushed green cardamom and the saffron. Cool the thickened milk.

Step -4

Pour the thickened milk into the de – seeded mangoes. Fill the mangoes and carefully with the help of a spoon stir and mix the loose pulp and juice of the mango with the thickened milk.

Step -5

Keep the filled mangoes in the deep refrigerator for 6-7 hours. When the milk solidifies ,peel the mangoes with the help of your hands .the outer circle is the pure mango pulp while the inner circle is the yummy kulfi. Cut the mangoes into round shapes and serve it as a desert after any meal

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